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Julie Moore – Founder of Saffron Shores

Julie stepped out of corporate management roles a few years ago to create some balance in her life with a young family. During this period she undertook consulting and project work, some of this in the HR space, including executive search.

Julie has acted as a consultant to some of the aged and community care sectors’ most well known and innovative organisations, where she has managed the search for people for both high profile, executive management roles and also for critical middle to senior management roles.

Julie’s personal experience in senior management roles allows her to talk with knowledge and understanding of the needs of hiring organisations and the aspirations and concerns of senior candidates themselves.

In recent times, Julie has found herself excited to be adding, in some small way, to the up-skilling and effectiveness of the aged and community care sectors, via her recruitment activities. Her desire to be involved in a business that balances financial return with a sense of genuine contribution to social improvement is what drove Julie to establish Saffron Shores with its specialisation in these growing, critical sectors.