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In the aged and community care sectors, with all of their challenges, finding a sustainable position in the market is what most providers are urgently focused on. That’s a lot easier said than done – although there is one very smart move you can make to achieve this more quickly.

Aged and community providers are shifting to a customer focus as a matter of priority.

In the past, providers could coast along, to some extent, with a largely internal focus, driven by fairly undemanding customers and limited competition.

This is a thing of the past with sector growth attracting new types of competitors that are well-resourced and nimble, as well as the competing pressures of cost management and CDC, exacerbated by more demanding customers.

This competitive pressure, although confronting, throws up unprecedented opportunities for a customer-focused organisation.

Not surprisingly, providers are now turning to marketing to deliver results.

Marketing is often identified with activities such as advertising, digital media, PR and BD alliances in their own right. While important parts of the implementation of a marketing strategy, these tactical initiatives only scratch the marketing surface.

A fully marketing-driven organisation deeply understands its customers’ needs and wants, and builds its entire business around the satisfaction of these – in a way that’s profitable.

Being marketing-driven is a business way of life. The most successful organisations in all industries live and breathe this philosophy.

Arguably, the single biggest opportunity for an aged or community care provider in Australia today is to become fully marketing driven, QUICKLY.

So, how do you do this?

It is exciting to see providers tapping into marketing expertise, including the hiring of marketing and BD specialists. However, there is a common perception that hiring from within the sector is important because industry connections and knowledge are paramount.

I’d like to offer a different perspective, because I don’t believe that hiring marketing people from within will deliver the quality of results needed, in the time frame available.

I urge you to consider IMPORTING people from sectors that (1) have similar product/service structures and strategic challenges and (2) have undergone upheaval that has required them to become marketing-driven in a hurry.

It takes a long time, from scratch, to re-orient your organization to a marketing-driven one and IMPORTING THE EXPERTISE GIVES YOU A HUGE JUMP ON THIS.

You acquire immediate strategic marketing know-how, as well as the learnings from success and failure, and the resilience and confidence of people who’ve done it before.

Here are some sectors that are sources of outstanding strategic marketers.

As you’ll see they are the big service sectors.

–  Tourism including hospitality and travel
–  Environmental Services
–  Distribution
–  Education
–  Communication
–  Finance and Insurance
–  Legal Services
–  Health
–  Engineering
–  Energy

What do these sectors have in common with aged and community care?

They provide services through ongoing relationships with customers and some grapple with the perception of being a necessary evil. They’ve undergone major structural change and are highly competitive. If you’re a stayer in these sectors, you’ve probably got it right through being obsessively customer-focused.

Marketing professionals from these industries will truly understand what being marketing-driven is about and they’ll instill this culture in your organisation.

They’ll deliver innovation, increased speed to market for new services, competitive differentiation and customer engagement……and, ultimately, increased profitability. Of course, they’ll need to work as part of management teams with aged and community professionals with deep sector knowledge.

The same importation argument can be made for senior IT, HR, Org. Development, Procurement and other specialists.

Find the sectors that have undergone major technology changes, work force changes and supply chain evolution and you’ll find people who can bring rapid, proven change to your organisation.

I encourage you to research these sectors to see whether the importation strategy can work for you. Alternatively, Saffron Shores is connected to many industries through the management backgrounds of its consultants and we can share some information with you.

Here’s to an exciting future!

Julie Moore

Julie Moore is the Director of Saffron Shores, a specialist executive search firm for the aged and community care sectors. Before that, her working life was spent in corporate business management and strategic marketing roles in the packaged goods, banking and finance sectors. Julie brings this experience when providing search services to the aged and community care sector and can also advise on related business challenges.

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